Green isn't just a chicken coop color, it's a way of life.

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Small family farms and backyard gardens were the way our ancestors nourished America in the past. Most likely, looking to the past will be the way to guarantee a quality, health-giving food source for the future. It's also fun and exciting raising and breeding chickens, ducks, turkeys and quail in a custom built Green Chicken Coop.

We design and build our coops of wood from timber plantations that are certified to be ecologically sustainable. The plywood we use is exterior grade, 3/4 inch thick, from certified managed forests and free from any harmful glues or chemicals. The cedar shake roof shingles and underlayment protect the house from any weather conditions and our "environmentally friendly" paint is non-toxic, exterior latex with No VOC as well as a No VOC colorant.

chicken coop

Not only do we build these coops, using local woodworkers, but we raise laying hens in these coops ourselves. Our Green Chicken Coopsare just a mile down the road from our workshop and when we take a break from building coops we collect our eggs and spoil our hens with a variety of veggies and generally let our hens "free range" in the afternoon. We enjoy our fresh, organically "home farmed" eggs with the darker yolks (nutritious food is always richer in color) and superior omega-3 fatty acid content. We also have, most importantly, the "pleasure of keeping chickens".

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Over 30 Green Chicken Coopswere designed and tested in the harshest winter environments of Northern Michigan. The "A" shaped design of our enclosed chicken runs allows for a snow-free area outside of the house. With the use of a tarp, snow slides off and provides ample, clear ground area for the chickens to enjoy, even in the harshest of weather! In the summer heat, our hens enjoy the shade provided by placing a scrim over a portion of the run or relaxing under their house (see the "Alexandria").

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Our chickens can also enjoy the summer breeze at night with a selection of predator-proof windows and screened house doors with Plexiglas inserts that we offer. We can custom fit a slatted floor in any of our house designs for hot climates. See our "Coop Options & Prices" page. The spacious, water tight interior of the house creates a dry, healthy environment, and the various vents and windows available allows for a manageable air-exchange for maximum chicken comfort and health!

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You can raise your chicks in the coop from the time they arrive and watch them grow for many years. Chickens that are lucky enough to live in a Green Chicken Coop can eat fresh grass, forage for nutrients and have plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Your chickens will show you their thanks by providing you with fresh, organic or even biodynamic eggs while living a healthy, stress-free life. Keeping your flock of chickens safe, far from unhealthy commercial "factory farm" practices, such as feeding them antibiotics, added hormones, medications, synthetic vitamins, and appetite stimulants will allow you a healthy, natural and sustainable way to provide you and your family with a healthy food source.

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We provide our customers a free design and consultation service when ordering their Green Chicken Coop. Depending on your climatic location and breed of poultry we can suggest various practical options to design your Green Chicken Coop. Predator protection, weather related tactics, and creating a low stress, environmentally responsible, "family farming" experience is what we would hope for each of our customers.

New Designs    New Designs

New Designs    New Designs

New Designs    New Designs


We are not middlemen selling a product produced overseas and marking up the price! No, we are craftsmen in Bay City Michigan, designing & building affordable Green Chicken Coops, answering phones or emailing our customers to help make their purchase a pleasant experience and following through with help, the way it should be done.

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